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  • Magnesia carbon brick for converter
  • Magnesia carbon brick for ladle
  • Aluminum magnesium carbon brick for ladle
  • Carbon free lining brick for ladle
  • Magnesia carbon brick for electric furnace
  • Aluminum silicon carbide carbon brick
  • Ladle breathable brick core
  • Ladle breathable seat brick
  • Ladle nozzle block
  • Prefabricated block for ladle refining furnace cover
  • Prefabricated block of electric stove cover
  • Tundish flow stabilizer
  • Self-flowing castable for ladle
  • Impact plate
  • Slag weir
  • Castable for ladle
  • Converter slagging agent
  • Converter instant slag splashing agent
  • Converter gunning material
  • Converter fabric
  • Ladle castable
  • Drainage sand for ordinary ladle
  • Drainage sand for refining ladle
  • Ladle Covering Agent
  • Ramming material for electric furnace bottom
  • Gunning and repairing materials for electric furnace
  • Tundish working layer dry material, smear material
  • Slag ball
  • Slag stop cone
  • Automatic crushing line
  • Raymond machine
  • Forming production area
  • Drying kiln
  • 630T automatic forming press
  • Mixing production area
  • Congratulations on the successful construction of the website of Anshan Donglei Refractories Co., Ltd.!

    Congratulations on the su......


    The company mainly produces iron ditch castables for ironmaking systems, hot metal ladle castables, aluminum silicon car......

  • Recycling of refractory materials after use

    Recycling of refractory m......


    At present, our country consumes about 8 million tons of refractory materials every year, and the amount of refractory ......

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